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Burning Bush International Ministries

The purpose of Burning Bush International Ministries is to minister to the needs of people and bring a message of love and hope. It is our desire to cross all cultural barriers, ages and penetrate the heart.


Burning Bush International Ministries was founded in 1991 by Apostle Don William Shelby and their first service was held in the living room.


Pastor and Evangelist Shelby have dedicated their lives to help others. One of their favorite mottos, which have a picture on, the Shelby family posted in the foyer of Burning Bush International and reads, “We Exist for You!” Burning Bush Church Exists to help people and help others better their lives and give hope for the future. Pastor Shelby often says, “I’m preaching to generations, this world is sent to change a generation.” Pastor is a powerful and auspicious leader that relates to all people. Each Sunday the congregation as well as visitors awaits a life changing word that will speak to their situation. Pastor Shelby is an excellent educator in that he delivers the Word of God with such clarity and the spirit of God and excellence.


How will we change this generation? Burning Bush International Ministries believes we will change it through training, love and instruction. Jesus taught and instructed, and he exemplified care and concern for people. We must educate and encourage dedication and commitment to God. Not only have that, but also as a church we believe in showing care and concern for God’s peopled. We exist to bring hope and a better way of life. Burning Bush exists as a place of refuge and strength. Burning Bush International Ministries is a place to become empowered to go and change the world one person at a time.


Known across the nation as the “Church with the fire that never goes out!” Burning Bush has ministry at heart and has been resilient in spreading the gospel across the world.


Burning Bush is a purpose driven church that has a very strong thrust for evangelism and outreach.

Some initiatives are:

Fine Arts Camp

Operating Food Pantry

Annual Toy Drives

Total Makeover Women’s Mentoring Program

Ignite Youth Ministry

Senior Ministry

BBC College Ministries

Annual Community Breakfasts and Back to School Community Fairs

Produced many plays that have brought people to Christ

Pastor Shelby has brought forth some of the most dynamic illustrative sermons that have touched thousands such as:

The Hell Series

Lust of Fairy Dust

Gospel Mania

It’s Larger Than Me

Big Catch

And, many more,,,

Burning Bush has a stellar music ministry and the Mass Choir is known across this country as one of the best choirs in America. Burning Bush International won two years Verizon Wireless How Sweet The Sound Choir Competition and has several awards and recognitions. Burning Bush International is a ministry that strives for excellence because of who we are representing and it is only the grace of God that will bless the future and enable the Body of Christ to recover, re-focus and look towards a great future full of hope and His Glory.

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